Sangat Support Team ...

The Trust “GURUJI KA ASHRAM” has been founded by our Revered Guruji on 14-05-1999 through a Trust Deed duly registered in the office of the Sub-Registrar- VI, Mehrauli, New Delhi with Smt. Surjit, mother of the founder trustee, Guruji as the first trustee in the Trust.

Guruji did not represent or propagate any particular sect, cult or religion nor did he otherwise preach any sermons or philosophies. Over a period of time as many people had the good fortune of getting his blessings in some form or the other, these people started coming to him to seek his Darshans and blessings during the time when Guruji allowed people to have his Darshans.

Guruji being the divine and compassionate soul that he was, also decided, in addition to what he was doing in his personal capacity, to form a public charitable trust.

The objects of the said Trust are contained in clause 5 of the Trust Deed dated 14-05-1999. The said Trust is known as GURUJI KA ASHRAM and was settled and nurtured by Guruji himself, gradually as the word of Guruji’s Divine powers spread, the visitors to the Mandir started increasing to seek Guruji’s blessings and get themselves physically, mentally and spiritually cured.s

The secular and all pervasive charter of the Trust is evident from clause 5 of the Trust deed which reads as under:-

“5. The objects and purpose of the Trust are charitable for the general public, irrespective of any caste, creed, religion, sex or status and shall be as under:- ……..”.

Guruji took Mahasamadhi on 31-05-2007 and Sh. Mast Ramji (Bapuji), the father of Guruji being the sole surviving trustee, executed a registered document called Trust (Amendment) Deed dated 05-06-2007, appointing Sh. Navdeep Singh (Gaurav), grandson and the only nephew of Guruji.

Keeping in mind the need for a better, transparent and efficient working and administration of the aforesaid Trust, the sole surviving trustee, also provided in the Trust (Amendment) Deed dated 05-06-2007, that the two trustees, Bapuji and Navdeep Singh (Gaurav), would exercise the powers conferred upon them in the aforesaid Trust Deed dated 14-05-1999, subject to the advice of an advisory committee consisting of not more than eleven members as may be nominated by the trustees.

The aforesaid amendment clearly establishes the intention of the existing trustees to run the Trust in an efficient, effective and transparent manner by taking the benefit of the advice of eleven eminent persons, who could be trusted for their abilities, experience and association with Guruji.

In the year 2010, the trustees decided to increase the sangat participation and the trust activities were streamlined by introducing various committees for specific purposes. These committees were responsible for allocating budget and financial spending.

The success of this experiment carried out by the trustees, gave them the confidence to increase the “public involvement” in the functioning of this “Public Charitable Trust – Guruji Ka Ashram

On 5th October, 2011, the Trust Deed was further amended vide Trust (Amendment) Deed dated 30th September, 2011, duly registered with the office of the Sub- Registrar New Delhi. Sh. Mast Ramji, Smt. Sarabjeet Kaur and Sh. Navdeep Singh, the present trustees, finalized the 5th October, 2011, Trust Amendment Deed, wherein the role of the Sangat in running the Trust activities was increased.

The formation of 200 strong members Sangat Support Team – Guruji Ka Ashram Trust, is part of this trust Amendment. The formation of various committees under this Sangat Support Team involves the larger public participation in running this Public Charitable Trust.

The SST GKA shall be constituted of a combination of Old and New Sangat.

Old Sangat:
Shall refer to Sangat members who have been visiting Guruji before the Mahasamadhi for at least a minimum of 5 years on a regular basis hereinafter called SET – 1.
New Sangat:
Shall refer to Sangat members who have been visiting Guruji since 1st June 2007 for at least a minimum of 2 years on a regular basis hereinafter called SET – 2.

Criteria for Nomination to Sangat Support Team - Guruji Ka Ashram - Trust:

The person should be a citizen and resident of India,
He / She should be a devotee of Guruji’.
He/she should be minimum 21 years of age while applying for SST membership & should be of sound mind and health.
The person shall have to apply for membership of SST to offer his / her SEWA to SST, off his free will along with a minimum of five recommendations from the Sangat members of standing.
The person should be a tax payer and should have been filing Income Tax returns for previous three years for a minimum total income of two (2) Lakhs. In case of ladies who are not filing returns, their spouse should have been filing returns for previous three years.
The person should at least be a graduate.
The candidate should bear a good moral character. There should be no criminal case or cases involving financial defaults with banking or financial institutions, pending against him / her, as well as against a firm / company in which he / she has interest in any court of law.
The candidate shall be bound by the bylaws followed by the SST and the Board of Trustees.
If a candidate belongs to government service and wants to be a part of the SST he will have to furnish the relevant NOC from the concerned department under the applicable conduct rules.
Two Sangat members from the same family will not be nominated to the SST.
The candidate should be willing to be nominated to the Board of Trustees of Guruji Ka Ashram Trust.