Information : You Must Know ...


01.   Guruji Ka Ashram is a Registered Trust

Guruji Ka Ashram” - Trust is a duly registered Public Charitable trust. Being a registered trust it adheres to various compliances as it is duly registered under section 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act as well as registered under section 6(1)(a) of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010 under Ministry of Home Government of India. The trust and its various activities, publications, photographs films and videos are further protected under the Trade Marks Act 2010 and Indian Copyright Act 1957.

02.   Copyright & Infringement

The title “Guruji Ka Ashram” uniquely coined by Guruji himself also enjoys both the Trade Mark and Copyright protection under the relevant laws.

The use of this uniquely coined title “Guruji Ka Ashram”, Photographs of Revered Guruji, Bade Mandir, writing of biography articles, books on Guruji, running of Trusts, societies, firms, websites relating to Guruji, uploading photographs of Revered Guruji, Bade Mandir, photographs of various functions held at Bade Mandir or otherwise on any social media such as Facebookor other forums be it electronic or print media etc., by any person/swithout seeking prior permission from the Board of Trustees of Guruji Ka Ashram trust and specifically from members of the Family of Revered Guruji is bad in Law and punishable under various laws of the land.

Any person/s carrying out any such acts would be guilty of committing various offences under the copyrights and trade mark laws including cheating and defamation by creating a wrong and misleading impression about Guruji, its Trusts or activities, besides hurting the religious sentiments of the Guruji’s sangat and rendering himself liable for various criminal as well as civil consequences.

As all are aware, Revered Guruji was extremely averse to such acts and had authorised only a few though reserving all rights for its use. The Trust Guruji Ka Ashram and the Family of Revered Guruji reserve the right resort to legal remedies available to stop any such activities.

03.   Blatant Misuse of Photographs

It is unfortunate that due to the over zealousness of the Sangat members, the Term “Guruji, His Photographs, the Photographs of Bade Mandir,” have all been reduced to a commercially viable activity for a few.

Various gift items in the form of lockets, photo framed photographs, watches, tablemats, phone covers, cloth washing brushes, and many sangat members using social media links to promote their businesses are using Revered Guruji’s name and photographs. It is our collective responsibility as Sangat of Revered Guruji to stop such misuse.

If we start restraining ourselves from going to such people who are “using Revered Guruji as a commercially saleable entity and making profits by using Guruji’s Photographs” it will be a great service.

04.   Websites & Facebook Pages

It has been brought to our notice that many persons have started various ‘Websites and Facebook Pages’ on electronic social media wherein they are posting photographs and written material on these social media the general public is commenting on these and some of these comments are a direct attack on Revered Guruji and resulting in hurting the sentiments of the sangat and challenge the religious and spiritual belief and is an infringement on our constitutional rights to practice these beliefs.

Sangat is requested to restrain themselves and remove these pages from the general open-ended electronic media.

05.   Fraudulent Messages

It has come to the notice of the office bearers of the "Shiv Mandir" that many sangat members are projecting themselves to have received messages from Guruji and on this pretext are asking for financial/emotional favours from sangat members.

Kindly beware of such fraudulent messages.

06.   Illegal Formation of Trusts, Society, Organization or Foundations

It has been brought to our notice that Sh. Devinder Kapoor, Anurag Maini, Smt. Seema M Singh, Sh. Triloki Batra and Sh. Vikram Mohindru all settled in U.S.A. – New Jersey, have started a Foundation in the name of “GURUJI SANGAT FOUNDATION” showing their address as 1710, Oak Tree Road, Edison, NJ, United States. Phone: (732) 290-5190, the E-mail address for contact is: -

“It is pertinent to point out that the Board of trustees of Guruji Ka Ashram Trust have never authorised any person to start, operate, any sort of trust, society, foundation, organization, business, to collect money from sangat or non-sangat members anywhere in the world to carry out any sort of activity on its behalf.”

Please note that so far Trust has no presence outside India nor has it authorized anyone in this respect. However, Guruji Ka Ashram is in the process of establishing its branches outside India and the necessary approvals in this respect under the Income Tax Act,1961, Foreign Contribution Regulation,2010 Act and Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 as applicable are being obtained.

This notice is issued for the purpose of information and knowledge for all the Sangat members as well as the General Public of the Legal Rights of “GURUJI KA ASHRAM TRUST and Guruji’s Legal heirs”.

All and any such activities, as mentioned above, being carried out by any member of the Sangat or the General Public, stand notified for closure on grounds of illegality.