About Guruji ...

Though great Masters like Guruji are never born and will never die, however in accordance with our human understanding, he was born on the 7th day of July in the year 1954 in a small sleepy village called Dugri in the district Sangrur, of Punjab, India.

He was the second son born to Mata Surjit Kaur and Shri. Mast Ramji.

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From the Editors Desk

India is a country with diverse religions and cultures. In our country the initiation to religion and spirituality begins at a very early age.

It begins when our mother tells us to fold our hands and stand quietly while she offers prayers to God at home or in the Mandir.
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Understanding -

Guruji has given his Sangat the 3 most powerful words in the universe “Om Namah Shivaya
These 3 simple words not only reflect the simplicity of Guruji but also clearly indicate who he actually is .
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Photo Gallery - Guruji

This is a collection of photographs of our Revered Guruji. All pictures or photographs are not just his pictorial representations but his presence.

They should be kept with a lot of reverence and respect. It is not important how many photographs we have but how properly we keep them. more »

About Bade Mandir

Bade Mandir, as it is fondly called, has the power of many pious places put together as stated by Guruji. Guruji also called it his Shivpuri and rightly so; a huge black coloured granite Shivlinga sits atop a white coloured beautiful marble structure of the Mandir.
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Latest Functions

All the photos in this section are from the various functions being held at the Bade Mandir; herein we have tried to capture the festivity and grandeur with which Guruji always celebrated all function.

See if you have been captured during the function. more »

Films on Guruji

It is extremely difficult to understand Guruji and his ways yet we have made a humble attempt to collectively understand Revered Guruji and his ways, and share the same with the Sangat members who have not met Guruji.

In the words of Revered Guruji himself “Jo Sangat mere jana ke bad ayegi woh meri asal bhakt hogi”
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Books on Guruji

To attempt to write about Guruji is not possible. His Divinity cannot be captured and understood by mortals like us. However, we have collectively attempted to compile the following:-more »

Mandir Darshan - 360° Tour

The Mandir Darshan is a tour of the Bade Mandir for the Sangat, who for different reasons cannot visit it. Through these tours the Sangat can receive Guruji’s blessings sitting at home. The Darshan tour has been developed in such a manner that the sections give a detailed view of the entire Mandir.

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Blog- A Platform for Sangat

Through the blog an attempt is made to share and enhance one’s spiritual development which starts taking place the moment we connect to Guruji.

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Satsangs are an extremely powerful forum in Guruji’s darbar. Guruji himself made sangat members share their experiences with one another.

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Songs On Guruji

A heartfelt gratitude offered by the sangat to Revered Guruji in the form of songs.

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First Time Visitors

It is said that only those reach this pious Mandir whom Revered Guruji wants, hence you are not here because of your efforts but because Guruji wished you to be here.more »

Info : You Must Know

“Guruji Ka Ashram” - Trust is a duly registered Public Charitable trust. Being a registered trust it adheres to various compliances as it is duly registered under section 12A and 80G ...more »

Latest News & Events

The Birthday of Revered Guruji will be Celebrated on 7th July 2016, at the Bade Mandir. All Sangat is Invited to Come and Participate.more »

Guruji Ka Ashram – Trust

In the year 1999 Guruji formed a Public Charitable Trust called “Guruji Ka Ashram” with Guruji and his mother as the founding trustees through a trust deed duly registered with Sub Registrar - Delhi. more »

Charitable Activities

Revered Guruji a "Siddh Purusha," possessed many divine Siddh is including enormous healing powers through which he cured many people suffering from various diseases. more »

Sangat Support Team - SST

If you are above 21 years of age and want to be a member of the Sangat Support Team of Guruji Ka Ashram Trust we would request you to fill the Registration form. more »

Become a member of SST

Many a sangat members want to offer their SEWA to Revered Guruji from time to time. There is a proper procedure to do so.

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