From the Editors Desk ... By Gaurav Nephew of Guruji


India is a country with diverse religions and cultures. In our country the initiation to religion and spirituality begins at a very early age. It begins when our mother tells us to fold our hands and stand quietly while she offers prayers to God at home or in the Mandir. We eagerly wait for her prayer to finish in anticipation for receiving the tasty Prasad. Our mother is the one, who ensures, that we touch our hands to our forehead and offer our reverence for receiving this blessed Prasad before consuming it.

Somehow we all remember these small details of our childhood not realizing how our mother became our ‘First Guru’. It was she, who unknowingly had taught us these values so simply that they stick to us throughout our lives.

She is the one who gives us the most valuable lessons of life - how to differentiate between right and wrong and the difference between a good and bad deed. It was from her that we learnt the word ‘Karma’, and how it affects our life.

As we progress in life our school teachers become our ‘Second Guru’. They add to our knowledge and enlighten our minds in various subjects and also introduce us to our responsibilities towards our families and fellow men.


The biggest contribution of these Gurus is that they help us train our ‘mind’ towards its “powers of reasoning”. These are trained minds, with specialized skills. Their contribution has been acknowledged even in religious books like the Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita.

Gradually as we grow up, we come across many types of people and get the opportunity to learn from them and call it ‘the experiences of life’. We rely heavily on these experiences; and from these very experiences we become so hardened that we stop differentiating. Thus, during our life journey without realizing, we become protective and selfish towards ‘our interests’. We do not stop to think whether our actions are good or bad since we become adept in justifying our actions.

This is one of the reasons why peace of mind and tranquility have lost its meaning. Although we try to portray that we are at peace with what we have but it is more of a self- projection in the eyes of others.

However, despite this, there comes a time in everyone’s life when he or she gets tired of the fight for survival in this ruthless world. We introspect and our actions start pinching us, we are forced to consider the effect of our actions, and want to break away from this daily grind. But we do not know how.


This is when the quest for a Guru begins

We crave for a ‘Guru’, who is wise enough to guide us, bring peace to our mind, free us from our daily woes. We wonder where one can find such a Guru who will heal our afflicted body and mind.

At this point the biggest question which comes to our mind is that who is a true Guru? It is not the mother or even the school or college teachers. Where can one find him? Today the self-proclaimed Gurus come by the dozen; they project themselves to be connected with the Supreme Master. Some of these are actually only ‘Dharma Pracharaks’ who have mastered the art of speaking or communicating and express their thoughts with such clarity that we are highly impressed and start following their discourses.

Some others are evolved souls like Swami Pranabananda, Sh. Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Yukteshwar Giri, and Sh. Paramahansa Yogananda. These are evolved Masters who have mastered the art of controlling their mind and body, they have spent years meditating and becoming one with the Supreme Master.

They have since an early age, gone through a tough initiation programme by their Guru to reach the state of enlightenment where they have experienced “God” despite being in their mortal bodies.


However, these masters are rare to find in today’s world. Even if we do reach them it is extremely doubtful if they would be willing to accept us as their disciples. Besides, their route to attaining spiritual enlightenment is so difficult that we ‘busy bodies’ neither have the time nor the patience to follow their methodology. Hence, one can only learn from the literary works of these masters.

There is a Third Guru who speaks through our inner voice which relentlessly tells us right from wrong. This is none other than that of our guides/ masters who have always been around us, not visible to our human eyes and have been telling right from wrong and guiding us through the journey of our ‘Soul’ in our subconscious mind.

Guruji is such a Guru, however reaching Guruji is no ordinary development in one’s life; we can only reach Guruji, his Mandir and have his divine darshan only when “He” wants it. Many people arrive, have his divine darshan and never come again. It is Guruji who decides how long we shall remain connected with him. Infact sometimes when we get busy with our daily lives and forget to visit him then he reaches out to us. He sends telepathic messages, gives darshan in our dreams or sends his divine fragrance. At other times an unknown messenger may approach us with his message.

Who is Guruji? How does he know all about us? These are the questions which haunt us. We are perplexed that although we do not know Him well enough yet when we are with him we feel relaxed and fulfilled in his darbar. He accepts us the way we are. He is always around us in our times of bliss, and also our times of trouble. Guruji is definitely the ‘Third Guru’ who watches over us guiding us in our ultimate journey. Although we have not seen the Supreme Master called ‘God’ but have definitely felt Guruji’s healing hand on our heads and have felt his infinite love for us.



As children we have always looked towards our parents for guidance and also towards our teachers and elders to guide us in our life. However, a time comes when we don’t know where we are headed and need help or guidance from an elevated person/soul. We wonder what the purpose of our birth is. The hunt for this ‘purpose’ makes us start looking for an elevated soul, ‘A Guru.’ This is the time when we are introduced to words like ‘God’, ‘Karmic life cycle’, ‘karmic burden’, ‘the soul being reborn for fulfilling its karmic cycle’, etc.

The question which occurs to one is that what is this ‘Karma’? I tried to understand what karma is and spoke to different people about it. However, I finally drew my own conclusion which I share with you:-

“Karma means “deed” or “act” and more broadly the universal principle of cause and effect, action and reaction that governs all life. Karma should not be mistaken with fate for we humans act with free will creating our own ‘Karmic cycle.’ In simple words, if one sows goodness, one will reap goodness; if one sows evil, one will reap evil. Karma refers to the totality of our actions and their concomitant reactions in this as well as our previous lives, all of which determinesour future.”


All this is extremely confusing. We always have questions like: I have not done anything wrong in my life yet life is not treating me right or that despite all my hard work I have not been able to provide for myself or my loved ones, also, that inspite of all my conscious efforts not to harm anyone with my actions my life has not improved. We may even have thoughts such as that despite the best of medical help why am I or my loved ones suffering from ailments. We may even have to bear the sudden death of a loved one.

All these thoughts come to our mind and it becomes difficult to understand the reason behind all this. Even the circumstances surrounding us start confusing us making us feel helpless, desperate or frustrated. This is the time when we need a Guide/Guru to lead us to the correct path to achieve the ultimate aim of the Soul to become one with God.

It is said that one cannot reach God on his own. The path to god is through a Guru because the Supreme Master or God is unrelenting in his judgments, he has no favourites, likes, dislikes and he treats everyone as an equal in an unbiased manner. For him it is the evolution of the ‘Soul’ which is the ultimate aim and so there cannot be any shortcuts.

Every soul has to fulfil its Karmic cycle to reach the Supreme Master, and in order to do so he has a learning process laid out for it. Each one of us has to go through a process of his/ her own evolution; we have to account for all our deeds and misdeeds. It is a burden we have to carry through our respective Karmic cycles where each deed is accounted for. The soul has all the knowledge about all our deeds. It makes no mistakes in recording this data. Infact, we are reborn again and again till we complete our karmic cycle. A true Guru is the only one who can aid us in overcoming the burden of our Karma.



A true Guru loves his disciple like no mother, father, brother or sister ever will. The Guru’s love is so intense that the soul feels the freedom never experienced anywhere else but in the company of the Guru.

The Guru is the only compassionate soul who loves us truly. It is said that only the Guru can guide us through our journey towards God and enable us to attain ‘Moksha’. It is He who has set us on our path of spiritual evolution, and like a caring mother it is the Guru who has nurtured us to take each step, and deal with all the sufferings and hardships in our spiritual journey.

It is the Guru who shows us the next level and cuts short our sufferings by taking the negative impact of our Karmas upon himself. He quietly suffers for our sins while having us elevated to the next level of our soul’s journey towards ‘Moksha’.

No one has seen God; we have only heard or read about him. Infact, even if the ‘Supreme Master’ appears and stands in front of us, we would not recognize him as we do not know what he looks like.



It is important to understand who a Guru is – in very simple language a Guru is one’s spiritual guide on earth, it is believed that only a true Guru can awaken the spiritual knowledge lying dormant within the pupil. There is a very interesting story about how the concept of a Guru came into being.

According to the literature available with us on Hindu Mythology - Lord Brahma is the Creator of this universe, Lord Vishnu is the Keeper of this universe, and Lord Mahesh or Shiva is the only Supreme God who can destroy this universe.”

Between these three the entire ‘Brahmand’ exists. Without the three, the balance will be lost. Brahma gave us life, Vishnu laid the rules, and Shiva being the destroyer completes the journey.

It is said that when Brahma created ‘Life’, things got out of hand as the living started multiplying, titling the universal balance and increasing their Karmic load because they just went on living. No one was interested in achieving the aim of reachingsthe Supreme Master.


In order to restore balance, Brahma created ‘Death’ and ordered it to fulfil its purpose. However, the living detested death as whoever touched it was filled with grief and sorrow, so everyone hated it. No temples were built for it, no hymns were written in its praise. Thus ‘Death’ cursed its own creation and refused to fulfil its job. Finally, ‘Death’ approached Shiva, to make him understand his plight. Shiva, being the Supreme Master suggested a way out, and gave it a boon that “whatever is destroyed by it, will be reborn till it reaches a stage where it can become one with the Supreme Master.”

This convinced ‘Death’ that his existence had a purpose. Now, the living would not die but would have a “gateway to a new life”, giving them the opportunity to move ahead to the next phase of the evolvement of the soul. Armed with this boon ‘Death’ was now seen as the regenerator.

This boon from Shiva gave Life and Death a whole new meaning as both started working in synchronization and became the wheel, of “Life and Death” rotated by Shiva completing the eternal cycle of birth and rebirths until the soul got rid of all its Karmic burdens and became one with the Supreme Master – Shiva.

However, a lot of confusion still prevailed with the living since they did not know why they were to be reincarnated. What exactly was the Karmic burden, and why had one to shed it? Consequently, the humans wandered the earth meaninglessly waiting for their death. They made no effort to achieve the ultimate goal of reaching the Supreme Master. Thus, the need for a guide became imperative so that someone could explain in the right perspective the reason for this life and death cycle. Highly evolved souls were summoned and Shiva along with Brahma and Vishnu gave them the ‘wisdom of life’ and made the “Guru” a medium between them and the evolving souls.

This is why god has placed ‘Guru’ on a higher plane than himself and the following verse was evolved:


“Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwarah,
Guru Sakshat Parbrahm, Tasmay Shri Gurve Namah.”


The God himself says that it is the Guru who is the “Parbrahm,” (the Absolute Truth). The Guru has the wisdom of all three: Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. He is the single source of knowledge, who can help the living. In a Guru all three; Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh reside.

I, once again reiterate that all those who reach Guruji’s darbar are those who have been connected with Guruji in their past life. They are those whom Guruji has chosen to be his disciple. One must remember that it is only the will and choice of Guruji. Those who have reached him should always remember that we are those lucky few amongst the billions of souls living in this world who have the Supreme Master himself in the role of a Guru.

We, the Sangat of Guruji worship him as the human form of ‘Shiva - the Supreme Master”. We will never be able to understand why God, the Supreme Master himself chose to become the ‘Guru’. All we can do is to speculate. Of course, one thought that comes to mind is that we must be special since despite all our shortcomings, God himself became our Guru. When one establishes a direct connection with the Supreme Master, everything becomes simple, as it is God himself who is preparing us for our final spiritual path towards the ultimate goal of “Moksha.”

Nevertheless, the question which enters the mind is that Guruji never claimed that he is “Shiva”. Ofcourse, at times he would address himself as “Mahapurush”. Then how can one say he is the human form of “Lord Shiva”?

This question can be answered in two parts; firstly, Shiva being the destroyer liberates us from the fear of loss which is ‘Maya’. This is misunderstood by us mortals as ‘Death of the human body’, whereas in the real sense it is the death of our ‘Aham/ Ego.’ Thus, Shiva helps us in detaching our self from ‘Maya,’ releasing the soul from all possible humanly ‘Fear of Loss’. He also helps us in bonding with Him leading to a state of bliss.

Shiva is free of all attachments, so is Guruji, Shiva can grant life, so can Guruji, Shiva is the ‘Punj’ of fragrance, so is Guruji. It is only Shiva who takes anyone under his fold without discriminating, so does Guruji. Shiva is the destroyer of ‘Aham,’ so is Guruji, Shiva drank all the poison that came out during the ‘Samudra Manthan’, so does Guruji when he takes upon himself the negative effect of ‘Our’ Karmas to hasten our spiritual journey.

The second part of the answer to the above question is that numerous Sangat members have witnessed His miracles in their lives. There are instances when even top medical specialists had given up hope. However, when these people reached Guruji’s divine presence, He took them under his fold and granted them a new lease of life. It’s only Guruji who can infuse life, blessing a lady doctor with twins, who being a doctor knew that she could never bear children. Innumerable cardiac surgeons were left scratching their heads when their diagnosed medical CD’s showed 90% blockage of arteries yet by just having Langar in Guruji’s darbar and being told by Guruji “Kal doctor nu fir test karan waste keh”, the blockage disappeared. Even cancer patients cured, the list is never ending.

The Sangat members who were fortunate to have Guruji’s physical darshan have practically witnessed all these miracles happen in front of their eyes. Guruji always said “aithe practical honda hai,” These miracles are still taking place. The presence of Guruji can be felt in the sangat at Bade Mandir and everywhere else.


“Connect with him and you will experience his presence for yourself.”


Understanding Guruji or writing about him is not humanly possible. We have been trying to compile this website for the past two years; however it was only after his ‘Mehar and Kripa’ were bestowed that we could compile it. In the following pages we have tried to express what many of us have experienced both during his physical presence and in his Nirankar Roop. Happy surfing…..

Nephew of Guruji