First Time Visitors ... Jan 2015

It is said that only those reach this Pious Mandir whom Revered Guruji wants, hence you are not here because of your efforts but because Guruji wished you to be here.


We do not refer to HIM by his name but lovingly call HIM – “GURUJI”.


The Shiv Mandir that you are visiting is lovingly called by the Sangat as ‘Bade Mandir’


Guruji a “Siddh Purusha” with many divine siddhis and powers including enormous healing powers, which enabled him to cure many people suffering from various diseases. Gradually, as the word of Guruji’s Divine powers spread, the visitors to the Mandir started increasing to seek Guruji’s blessings and get themselves physically, mentally and spiritually cured.

Guruji did not represent or propagate any particular sect, cult or religion nor did he otherwise preach any sermons or philosophies. Over a period of time as many people had the good fortune of getting his blessings in some form or the other, these people started coming to him to seek his Darshans and blessings during the time when Guruji allowed people to have his Darshans and to have ‘Chai Prasad’ and ‘Langar’.
You will be wondering what kind of Mandir is this where the Guru did not preach any sermons nor is there a philosophy…. Well this is a Spiritual Mandir wherein everything starts and ends with GURUJI. There is no medium between ‘HIM and YOU.’ If you have come on your own or through a reference or have accompanied someone then, please understand that his or her role is over once you have entered the Mandir Parisar;from hereon it is for you to establish a direct link with Guruji. Be assured no one else can establish that for you.

There is a specific routine which is followed strictly by the Sangat visiting the Bade Mandir: -

The timings to the Mandir are strictly adhered to.
You will find ‘sewadars’ (all volunteers) right from the main road who shall assist you with parking your vehicle at the designated parking area, though we try to ensure that your vehicle remains secure and safe yet with so many of them the parking is at ‘owners risk’ and neither the Mandir nor the Sewadar can be held responsible for any type of damage, theft or loss.
We are aware that the distance from the parking area to the Bade Mandir is nearly 1 kilometer, so we have provided shuttle service for pickup and drop for elders, children and ladies.
Once you have reached the Bade Mandir kindly join the queue leading you inside the Mandir. From hereon we would humbly request you to be patient and listen and adhere to the instructions of the sewadars. We realise that the Parisar of the Mandir is small to serve the quantum of Sangat visiting the Bade Mandir, yet it is our endeavour to make your visit memorable and comfortable.
Upon entering the Main gate of the Bade Mandir your co-operation is necessary as here you will be requested to pass through a metal detector and a sewadar shall frisk you, kindly co-operate as this is for your own safety.
From here on you will be guided to ‘Lord Ganesh Murti’ and then to the ‘Samadhi of Revered Guruji’. When you enter the Samadhi area you will find the ‘Akhand Jyot’ lit by Revered Guruji’s father soon after the Mahasamadhi in the year 2007. You will be guided for a ‘Parikrama’ of the Samadhi, and are allowed to do ‘Matha Tek’ depending on the rush.
Once you have finished the parikrama you will be led to a pathway leading to the Main Hall. On this pathway towards the right, you will find a marble Shiv Murti in an open area. This Shiv Murti has the canopy of the huge ‘Shesh Nag’ and is no ordinary Murti. Sangat members have seen this Murti move and give darshan of both Lord Shiva and Ma Shakti.
Once you enter the Main Hall of the Bade Mandir, you will be led to the ‘Asan’ of Revered Guruji on which he is ‘Omni Present’. You can sit in the Main Hall and meditate and listen to the Bhajans and Shabads; while you are meditating a Sewadar will serve you with ‘Chai Prasad’ - don’t refuse it as this is“Pious” and is a form of Blessing” from Revered Guruji.Those coming to the Bade Mandir meditate and listen to the Shabads as through these many of your questions are answered by Revered Guruji telepathically. It’s an experience worth experiencing as this also shows you how you will be able to establish your connection with Revered Guruji. Here we would like to point out that it is not necessary that you sit in the Main Hall, pick any place in the Mandir, make yourself comfortable and listen to the Shabads and Bhajans while meditating and you will fell the presence of Revered Guruji everywhere.
After sitting in the Main Hall you will be requested and led to the Langar area and served Langar Prasad. It is a unique way of serving, langar is served in groups of 4, and you may be seated with any one from the Sangat.
Once you have finished your Langar head to the Main Hall take aagya from Guruji and straightaway proceed to your respective home/destination.
Guruji always emphasized that on coming to the Mandir we utilize this time to establish a connection “only with him”. He discouraged Sangat members from indulging in socializing/gossiping and forming gatherings for personal /business discussions. He warned that sangat members indulging in the above would share/lose not only their own blessings but even of those family members who have not been able to visit the Mandir for some reason or the other.
Utilize the shuttle service and head for your vehicle. It is said that while leaving the Mandir we should straightway head home or we end up sharing our blessings bestowed by Guruji upon us and for our family members not able to visit the Mandir, hence it’s pertinent to ensure that we head home straight way.
The Mandir is governed by Guruji Ka Ashram Trust – and from time to time they distribute Photographs, Books on Revered Guruji, all you have to do is request the staff member for the same, if the material is available with him he will provide you with the same or will inform you of its availability. The books and photographs are free of charge.
Kindly read the various Notices posted on this website as it will help you understand the system better.