Financial Committee ...

Financial Aid Committee

Revered Guruji has provided for many a ways to help the need such for providing medical assistance to the needy it may be medical help for operations, scholarships, setting up libraries, providing financial assistance to other NGO’s or Trusts involved in charitable activities hence a committee has been set up for:

A. In order to fulfill the aims and objective laid down in Clause 5 of the 14th May, 1999 Trust Deed wherein the Trust is committed to provide financial aid/ assistance for the benefit and use of the poor, needy, sick and the suffering, and to in order to grant financial help, scholarships, stipends and to provide books, instruments and appliances and other aids to students. To provide for their education, give donations, contributions, monetary or financial assistance to individuals / or any institutions or organisations. To grant aid or financial assistance to any dispensary, hospital, nursing home, sanatorium, aftercare clinic, maternity home for dispensing or distributing medicines at any place or places in India this committee shall be responsible for the grant of such aid/assistance.

B. The committee shall mean a group of people not more than “six” (6) in number. This committee shall work directly under the Permanent Trustees and its members shall not necessarily be the members of SST – GKA but shall be prominent members of the Sangat. The members to this committee shall be directly nominated by the Permanent Trustees.

C. The term of its members shall be determined by the Permanent Trustees.