Films on Guruji ...

It is extremely difficult to understand Guruji and his ways yet we have made a humble attempt to collectively understand Revered Guruji and his ways, and share the same with the Sangat members who have not met Guruji.

In the words of Revered Guruji himself “Jo Sangat mere jana ke bad ayegi woh meri asal bhakt hogi” The concept of Old and New Sangat, having met Guruji and having not met Guruji has no meaning in the eyes of Guruji. The only difference is that earlier he was present in his physical form now he is “Omni present”. All that one has to do is feel him and he ‘definitely responds to our call.’

Here in an attempt has been made to share our thoughts on Guruji and we feel these thoughts will definitely help all of us in connecting directly with GURUJI.

For everyone’s benefit we have used video recordings of Revered Guruji to help satisfy thedesire to see him in his physical form.

The Films are Under Process !