Dugri Hospital Committee ... Jan 2015

The Sangat Committee for Construction and Administration of Mata Surjit Hospital” In Village Dughri

Revered Guruji wanted to develop a Charitable Hospital in the name of his “Late mother Mata Surjit” who also happened to be the First Trustee along with Guruji in the 14th May, 1999 trust Deed.

As per clause 5 (f) one of the objectives of the above mentioned Trust Deed Guruji for the benefit of the general public wanted to develop this “Hospital.”

In order to fulfill the desires of Guruji the family and Permanent Trustees donated their personal land worth crores for the development of this hospital on the main Khanna – Malerkotla road.

The formation of the “Sangat Committee for Construction and Administration of Mata Surjit Hospital in Dughri” is a step towards realizing this project visualized by Guruji.

The committee shall mean a group of people not more than “eight” (8) in number, drawn from the bank of volunteers of Sangat Support Team – Guruji Ka Ashram Trust duly selected by the Board of SST – GKA in consultation with the BOT - GKA. The term of its members shall not exceed more than two (2) years.

The members of committee shall be responsible for carrying out the Construction and upon successful completion of the same in a phased manner. The committee shall also be responsible for Administration of Mata Surjit Hospital in Dughri.” The Board of Trustees of the Trust Guruji Ka Ashram reserves the right to define the roll/ continuation/ functioning of this Committee.