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To attempt to write about Guruji is not possible. His Divinity cannot be captured and understood by mortals like us. However, we have collectively attempted to compile the following:-


This book is a collection of facts on Guruji; the book has been compiled by Sh. Navdeep Singh (Gaurav) and Khushboo his wife, as a token of their reverence, and gratitude to Guruji, that he chose to take birth in their family. This book is also an attempt to place correct facts about Guruji before the Sangat.

‘My Guruji’ will take you through the journey of Guruji from his childhood to His Mahasamadhi, this attempt has been made keeping in mind the Sangat of Guruji who have reached his darbar after his Mahasamadhi and have been looking for the correct facts about Guruji.

The title, ‘My Guruji’ too, has been chosen keeping in mind the fact that each and every disciple’s relationship with Guruji is very personal and sacred. Thus, while Guruji has lakhs of followers yet for him each and every child of his holds a special place.



This book is a collection of Satsangs, the experiences of the Sangat, who were fortunate enough to sit at the lotus feet of Guruji. These satsangs were compiled with Guruji’s blessings and are a testimony to the immense miracles which spontaneously start happening the moment Guruji takes us under His refuge.

This collection also reflects the ways of Guruji and how simply He converted a mountain into a mole. As everyone is aware that Guruji never preached or gave discourses neither did he believe in sermons, hence these compiled Satsangs truly portray HIS ways and when read with complete devotion and shraddha they surprisingly provide answers to our queries in day-to -day lives.



This book is in continuation to the 1st Part of Light of Divinity and is again a collection of various Satsangs of the Sangat, some of who have connected to Him after his Mahasamadhi. This is yet again a testimony to the fact that though Guruji is not present in his physical form yet he is blessing his disciples in the same manner as he did when he was physically present.



Shri Guru Simran is the Hindi translation of Light of Divinity-1. It is a compilation of various satsangs which the sangat has experienced.


New Satsang

With the ever growing Sangat of Revered Guruji and the ‘Kalyan’ being done by Revered Guruji has increased manifold and so has the sangat. Those who are arriving after the Mahasamadhi of Revered Guruji are contributing these which in turn reassure each and every Sangat member that Revered Guruji is still very much present amongst us and blessing all of us.

Those who are contributing there Satsangs are being compiled by us in this e-book which shall be printed in the times to come.