About Bade Mandir ...

“Whoever comes here,” He said, “Would Receive My Blessings.”

Bade Mandir, as it is fondly called, has the power of many pious places put together as stated by Guruji. Guruji also called it his Shivpuri and rightly so; a huge black coloured granite Shivlinga sits atop a white coloured beautiful marble structure of the Mandir. The emerald green lawns, the blooming fragrant flowers, the gurgling waterfall and the cascading fountain all provide it with a unique divine beauty. The moment one steps inside the Mandir one can feel the peace and the power of the place. This heavenly haven provides succour to tired souls.

At the entrance of the Mandir there is an old stone Ganesh statue. It has a marble canopy. Further down, is the Samadhi Hall, inside which is the gleaming white marble Samadhi of Guruji. The lighted ‘Akhand Jyot’ is kept here.

Moving a little further down the pathway, the Main Hall of the Mandir is visible. On the right is the statue of Shiva inside the fountain. His seat is the lotus flower and the ‘Sheshnag’ forms his canopy. Shiva as a handsome youth has a half-smile on his face. However, this is no ordinary statue; many Sangat members have witnessed the eyes of Shiva’s statue move and his smile become wider. Some others have seen the face of the statue change into that of Guruji and the Goddess Durga.

The Main Hall of the Mandir, houses the ‘Asan’ or the seat of Guruji. His fragrant Presence can still be felt. The holy mantra, ‘Aum Namah Shivay’ can be seen written inside the Hall. On one side is a life-size brass statue of Shiva, the yogi. At his feet lies the ‘Nandi’. Sewadars polishing and cleaning the brass statue have seen ‘Kesar’ colour coming out of it on the occasion of ‘Holi’ festival.


Even before it was completed, the Bade Mandir witnessed a number of miracles at the hands of Guruji. The Shiv Linga design at the top of the Mandir, for instance, is architecturally impossible, since it has a hollow base. It fell down a couple of times and could only be completed after Guruji gave his blessing. And how it stands - defying all architectural norms!To top it all, not only does this hollow dome support itself, it also bears the weight of a massive chandelier that hangs in the middle of the main hall!

Guruji Maharaj had prophesied that there would be a mind- boggling rise of number of devotees thronging to Bade Mandir to pay their respects and seek his blessings. He had said,“You don’t realize how easy it is for all of you to get my darshan here, one day the queue of devotees will extend up to the main road and you will have to wait for hours to get my darshan.”

How true it has turned out to be! When Guruji was with us in his human form, it was all about him. Wherever Guruji was,we went to seek his darshan. But after his Mahasamadhi, Bade Mandir became like a portal through which we could connect to him at a very personal level. Without any one suggesting, the devotees started visiting Bade Mandir, as if they had been subliminally directed there by Guruji himself.

That the Bade Mandir and the land it has been built on have a deep spiritual significance and curative abilities is evident not just by scores of devotees attesting to it but by simply experiencing it.

However, the most significant aspect of visiting the Bade Mandir is that all problems and worries that one is burdened with,fade away as soon as one enters the Mandir.

This Mandir is ensconced with Guruji’s love and his presence which envelopes each and every visitor to this Mandir.

“Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwarah,
Guru Sakshat Parbrahm, Tasmay Shri Gurve Namah.”