About Guruji ...


Though great Masters like Guruji are never born and will never die, however in accordance with our human understanding, he was born on the 7th day of July in the year 1954 in a small sleepy village called Dugri in the district Sangrur, of Punjab, India. He was the second son born to Mata Surjit Kaur and Shri. Mast Ramji. During the initial years Guruji led a regular life wherein Bapuji ensured that he was well educated and put him in Government Primary School, Dugri. Later he completed his High School from Burthala Mandir. Guruji also did Bachelor of Arts and later Masters in two subjects English and Economics from Government College Malerkotla. He always stressed on education and encouraged the Sangat to educate their children and acquire skills.

Though he was named by the parents but to the Sangat he was only “GURUJI.”

He left His mortal form and attained Mahasamadhi on 31st May, 2007, yet He lives on in our hearts forever...

All who come to His fold are blessed and accepted by his compassion. The lingering fragrance of roses, so typical of His presence can still be felt by the Sangat. Some can see Him; some still feel Him walk beside them when they need Him the most. Nothing has changed. He still appears in dreams and heals everyone through His unparalleled love and protection.


Guruji is a Master, whose mere presence can bring about a change in a person's Karmic balance. Sitting at His lotus feet while drinking the Chai Prasad, partaking the tasty Langar and listening to the melodious shabads, blocked arteries could be unclogged, cancers could be healed, blood sugar levels dropped. The stressed mind always finds solace in His presence.

The divine Bade Mandir which he built is a haven which provides solace to all tired souls. It is suffused with His presence. His prophecy that after His Mahasamadhi the Sangat will grow manifold is coming true each day. He continues to bless each and every single person connected to Him. His "Divine Light" continues to guide us.

To know in detail about Revered Guruji

please read the book ‘My Guruji’ in the book section.


“Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwarah,
Guru Sakshat Parbrahm, Tasmay Shri Gurve Namah.”